Not too long ago, local butcher shops were commonplace in towns and cities across the country, and it seemed that there was one on every corner. Modern day, however, it can be rare to find the real thing, and even harder to find someone properly trained in what is fast becoming a lost art. These days, consumers often settle for the convenience and low cost of large chain grocery store meats, but the trade-off is superior quality, service, and health.

Here in Lee County and all across Florida, you’ll find only a handful of butcher shops, yet most of them are still not providing the same level of quality and service associated with the specialty butcher shops of the past, except for one. Mario’s Meat Market and Deli owner Mario Pica is a highly-trained butcher who grew up working in the market, eventually making his way to opening his own business, and mastering the art of butchering meats.

To be a master in this profession requires extensive training, which is passed down through generations. Grocery store employees who work in the meat department, usually do not know the secrets of where each cut comes from, or how to judge meat’s quality. At Mario’s Meat Market and Deli, we pay attention to each cut, and will gladly personalize your order, or the thickness it is cut. We offer high quality meat, and fresh cuts. Along with providing specialty cuts and unique arrangements, Mario’s also offers excellent service, and a warm welcoming smile whenever you walk in the door.

So, for those of us who are appreciative of good food and even better service, while welcoming a sense of community, Mario’s is the place. After all, who doesn’t love a mouth-watering pork loin, roast beef or chicken coming out of the oven for a Sunday family dinner?